«Pelagos» pool bar

Refreshing cocktails

At Pelagos pool bar you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail, a cool beer and anything else you wish while sunbathing next to the swimming pool.

«Panorama» main bar


Bar terrace

During the evening till after midnight, relax and enjoy your drink in our Panorama bar terrace overlooking the beautiful blue Aegean sea.

«Theater Bar» theme events

Magnificent view

The theater bar operates during the theme events that take place there. It offers soft-drinks, beer, wine and a magnificent view.

«Orange» beach bar


Relaxing environment

Orange beach bar operates during the day at our private beach. It offers water, coffee, soft drinks & beer in a relaxing environment.

«D+D”» disco bar

Drink & Dance

For those who wish to Drink & Dance, the hotel Disco is the appropriate place. It is open on certain days every week and our DJ is there to remind you all music from the 80’s to all new international and Greek music hits.

Dance floor, disco lights, dance music, cocktails and pleasant mood are all you need to have a beautiful evening in our Disco.

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